CT Transportation Legislative Updates

​ July 1, 2015 - The Special Session of the Legislature ended very early Tuesday morning with the passage of the budget implementer bill and bonding bill.  Of special interest to transit advocates is the passage of statutory language requiring that money in the Special Transportation Fund (STF) be used only for transportation projects.  We are hopeful that during the next legislative session, the Legislature will pass a bill for a constitutional amendment that would establish a STF lockbox. 


The bonding bill that was approved in special session provides funding for the Governor’s 5-year transportation ramp-up plan that is the basis for his 30-year transportation vision.  The 5-year ramp-up plan includes $43 million for improved bus service.

The overall budget that was passed includes necessary funding for bus and rail operations.  Funding for the TEIP/Jobs Access program remains in the DSS budget and we are optimistic that the funding will

provide for the continuance of current Jobs Access service.

The Legislative session has closed for the year and this section will be updated when the new session begins in March of 2016. 

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